2008 INBF Capital City Natural Champion Alberto Nunez WNBF Pro Bob Bell Tina Smith California Natural Muscle Mayhem #cnmm20In 2008, our event hosted over 50 men and women BODYBUILDERS! Wow, how the sport has changed in a decade. Alberto Nunez was the Best on that day in our ultra-competitive event, with great balance, chiseled quads, and precise posing. As importantly, he remains one of the Best inspirations in bodybuilding today. Alberto is one of the founders of 3DMJ established in 2009. In his own WNBF Pro Alberto Nunez and WNBF Pro Marshal Johnson at the WNBF Pro USA in Sacramento California #cnmm20words he states; “My most successful accolade is to be called “Coach Nunez, and I feel that as a team, 3DMJ has changed the sport we love for the better”. We couldn’t agree more! We admire their diligence to present scientifically research based training and nutrition principles to their clients, and we respect their prominent presence in so many social media outlets.
Alberto, aka the “Ivory Latino”, hit the Muscle Mayhem stage again as a professional in 2011 and 2014. He placed 3rd in 2014 with an incredibly stacked lightweight group. He also cracked the top 5 in other professional events, and he has supported events by guest posing and judging. Now residing in Colorado, Alberto has channeled so many athletes into natural bodybuilding, and specifically for Bob Bell Tina Smith Leanna Carr Alberto Nunez Jeff Alberts red carpet photo at the 2017 WNBF Pro USA and INBF Natural Muscle Mayhem Sacramento California #cnmm20bodybuilders, 3DMJ keeps them coming locally, and from all over the World. Alberto usually makes it back to Cali for our annual event, and we always look forward to seeing him reunite with everyone here. Thank you Alberto for all that you’ve done for the sport!!!

WNBF Pro Alberto Nunez blog post #cnmm20