Professionally Produced Events

WNBF Natural Muscle Mania Promoters TIna Smith and Bob BellNatural Muscle Mayhem™ bodybuilding and physique events are promoted by Tina Smith and Bob Bell.

They have been organizing WNBF and INBF natural bodybuilding and physique events in California since 1998.  Both are retired WNBF professionals whom continue to work with athletes to achieve their goal of competing Truly Natural.

In addition, Bob and Tina assumed leadership of the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) in 2014.

Competitors and spectators alike have come to expect well-organized shows that consistently attract the best natural bikini, bodybuilding, figure, and men’s physique athletes in the world.

Community Outreach

Bob and Tina are both professional educators who share their knowlege and experience of the dangers of performance enhancing drugs with high school classes and sports teams.

Their annual all-day health fair & sponsors promote the great sport of natural bodybuilding, as well as the the benefits of natural training and sound nutrition.

Natural Muscle Mayhem™ Expansion

In 2014, the brand expanded into Los Angeles and Oahu, Hawaii!

WNBF Promoter Jennifer Petinaud-01Retired WNBF Professional Jennifer Petinaud hosted an amazing Los Angeles Natural Muscle Mayhem™ in May 2014 which produced two very competitive WNBF Pro’s.

Bob Bell Polynesian Natural Muscle Mayhem promoter Mike Hi Fit Expo 2016

Oahu’s only 100% drug tested polygraph and urinalysis event, the Polynesian Natural Muscle Mayhem™, occurs annually at the Hi Fit Expo in the Pikake Room inside the Blaisdell Event Center.  Aloha!

We invite all natural athletes to compete World Wide in the Truly Natural WNBF!